Warha Europe

Russian pagan traditionalistic almanac Warha 2015 – 2020.

Warha Europe #1


Askr Svarte: The Problems of Pagan Traditionalism
Natella Speranskaya: The inner conflict of ancient Hellene
Nikarev Leshy: Notes on the Way: The Paths of the Right and Left within Odinism
Agnishvari S. Djayavath: Gods of the Mandala
V.L.S.L.V.: The Left Hand Path
An interview with Wulf Grimsson
An interview with Richard Rudgley
An interview with Askr Svarte
An interview with Alen de Benoist
Julius Evola: The “Elements of Style” of the Original Roman Spirit


Warha Europe #2


Foreword to the 2nd issue

What Does It Mean to be True to the Aesir?
A-I-U and Stillness: A Commentary on Herman Wirth’s Study of the Year-Wheel
Nordic Bracteates: Unique Source of Knowledge on Nordic Tradition
Wotan and the Black Sun
The sources of the Roman Private Ritual
A Travel Toward Neoplatonic Mysticism: a Philosophical Itinerary
The metaphysics of Chaos

Nuances of the Russian term “язычество”
Statements of Slavic-Russian Rodnovery
Rites of Slavic paganism
Baba Yaga the Bony-Legged, the Ancient Dark Forest Mother of Slavic Myth
Closer to the Folk, Nature and Gods: Pagan downshifting experience in the Ukrainian Steppes
Spiritual Self-Knowledge in Modern Slavic Paganism
We born to die
Victim and sacrifice: tradition and modernity
Reconstruction and regeneration
Modern pagan rating of russian historical figures (from field studies)

The Kalash people and their Identity

Reclaiming the true european identity
Askr Svarte conversation with Wodfræca Werewulf
Liber Niger Solis: An Aeonic Astrochymical Grimoire of the Black Sun
Remaking the Sutton Hoo Whetstone: The Ansell-Roper Replica and its Context
The Seed of Yggdrasill: Deciphering the hidden messages in Old Norse Myths