Invite Evgeny Nechkasov for lectures to your region

It is quite easy to invite me to give lectures and public meetings to your city/region. To do this, you must contact me by mail or on social networks.

An international visit is a difficult event for which you need to prepare 6-12 months in advance. First of all, due to the need for visa documents and the selection of the most convenient time.

Enough modest travel (economy airlines) and accommodation. It is also worth considering the difference in time zones and travel times.
A well-thought-out program, advance advertising of the event, lecture hall and hall, possible visits to temples and altars, logistics, and equipment for audio/video recording are needed.

It is preferable to organize a visit to your city on weekends, from Friday to Sunday. You can arrange 2-3 lectures, talks, round tables a day. The time of my visit should be used as efficiently as possible for you and the audience.

If there are an opportunity to attract local (regional, city) media, it will be good.

Unfortunately, I do not leave our sanctuary on solar dates of the year, so I cannot come to you, for example, on the days of the Summer Solstice or any other holiday.

You can discuss additional nuances and questions by mail:

See you soon!