Askr Svarte: Polemos vol. I

Askr Svarte (Evgeny Nechkasov) “POLEMOS: The Dawn of Pagan Traditionalism” – Prav Publishing, 2020.

What is paganism? What does it mean to be a pagan in today’s world?

What do the Gods, the Sacred and Myths of pagan traditions tell us about what has transpired over past millennia, and how do the developments of recent centuries affect our understanding of them?

Polemos: The Dawn of Pagan Traditionalism takes up these and other penetrating questions in a conceptual tour de force, exploring a worldview long thought lost under the weight of monotheistic conversions, the science and technology of Western Modernity, and the deconstructions and simulacra of Postmodernism. In this wide-ranging study and compelling manifesto, Askr Svarte illustrates how, far from a fragmentary relic of the past, paganism is very much alive and wields a critical analysis of the past, present, and future with the potential to return to the forefront of consciousness.

Polemos: The Dawn of Pagan Traditionalism, the first book of the two-volume work published in Russian in 2016, sets out not only to rediscover and redefine the pagan legacy, but to orient paganism’s understanding of the paradigms which have confronted it. Titled after the ancient Greeks’ divine representation of war, which the philosopher Heraclitus deemed “the father and king of all”, Polemos maps paganism’s positions on the battlefield of ideas between paradigms, polemics, and trends. From ancient rites and myths to contemporary technologies and socio-cultural dynamics, few stones are left unturned in this extensive articulation of the pagan worldview in the twenty-first century.

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