Participation in Svarte Aske community activities can be done in the following areas:

– Translation of texts from any language into Russian and from Russian to any, and subsequently publish on the site.

– We are interested in people who are ready to light up the activities of the community in the regions of Russia and the world. Including the dissemination of electronic and printed publications and materials.

– Also, anyone can help the community by donation. The money will go to the community to maintain and develop the website, publication of books, translating articles and other activities.

Our PayPal account for transactions: PayPal:

– For community friends there are no national boundaries and territorial restrictions.

– For those who want to take a part in our rites and blots – you should visit us inr Russia or invite Askr Svarte to your place with friendly visit, lections and activities.


The Svarte Aske Community is located in Russia, in the city Novosibirsk.

Worldwide cooperation on all questions, please contact us at: