Almanac of Pagan Traditionalism and the Left Hand Path
We are pleased to present the first pilot issue of almanac Warha in English!
Already a couple of years we publish our almanac in Russia, publishing in it the exclusive translations and interviews on topics of religion, mythology, traditionalism, paganism and the Left Hand Path. From our almanac many authors first appeared in Russian and became familiar with the Russian-speaking audience. And now we have decided to build the bridge in the direction from the Russian authors to the Western public.
Table of content:
– Preface
– Askr Svarte: The Problems of Pagan Traditionalism
– Natella Speranskaya: The inner conflict of ancient Hellene
– Nikarev Leshy: Notes on the Way: The Paths of the Right and Left within Odinism
– Agnishvari S. Djayavath: Gods of the Mandala
– V.L.S.L.V.: The Left Hand Path
– An interview with Wulf Grimsson
– An interview with Richard Rudgley
– An interview with Askr Svarte
– An interview with Alen de Benoist
– Julius Evola: The “Elements of Style” of the Original Roman Spirit
Almanc available to order in digital (PDF, FB2) and papercover versions.
Price for digital: 10$/10€
Price for paper: 20$/20€ (price including shipping!)
How to order:
– Write a mail to svartepublish@gmail.com.
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– Write your name, adress and post-index to delivery.
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