Notes on Self-Knowlege

Three notes by Volhv Veleslav aka V.L.S.L.V.

Volhv Veleslav states in ‘Notes on Self-Knowledge’ that, “A truly esoteric (secret) knowledge is based not so much on the information that someone is intentionally concealing from the uninformed, as to the depth of understanding of the world.” As an analogy, metaphorically speaking, true occult wisdom isn’t having some bread hidden beneath a box with those around you not knowing how much you have, or even knowing what you actually have concealed, but rather the deeper understanding of what can truly be achieved with that bread – content above form. This is the key, and as with any key, is useless unless you have the lock that it fits.

“In the innermost depths of our being the Black Sun shines, it is the one for all who sees, and I wish you to SEE it…”

“Honour native gods and ancestors, and live in good conscience and harmony with nature, and if you seek supreme knowledge – know thyself.”