About Svarte Aske


“Svarte Aske” translated from the Icelandic means “Black Ash”.

The Ash is the World Tree, Yggdrasil in Odinism.

Black is the colour of concealment, Darkness, Death and Silence.

Dark Blue is the colour of Odin`s cloak in which he was traveling through the worlds in search for Knowledge and Wisdom. It is the colour of sea, depth, immersion and search.

The Black Sun is the Sun of the Dead and Sleepless, those awakened from ignorance and who follow the Path, the Black Light of True Nature of everything – the Black Light of Abyss.

The Star is the Primordial (Pre-eternal) Abyss from which all manifest, worlds and beings. From the Abyss everything is manifested and in the Abyss all finds its end. The Abyss is All.

The Tree is the Path, the Way.

Many people follow the Light Side of the Tree, whilst only a few people follow the Black (Dark) Side of the Tree. The majority of people don’t know anything about the Path.


The Svarte Aske is a community of pagans, representatives of different traditions, mainly Slavic-Russian and Scandinavian (Northern European).

Our community argues that according to traditional doctrines, today we are living in the end times – in the era of the Iron Age, the Kali -Yuga, the Age of Ragnarok or Koschniy.

Staying in our physical incarnation of the Iron Age, in a world and society of victorious disorder, affects the shape of self-organization. We do not offer a new and / or universal religion, and not a generalized religion promising salvation from the End.

Let each be strengthened in our tradition, and know the depth of her Wisdom.

We don’t give out titles or initiations. Today true initiation is more possible inside the Follower than outside.

The surrounding reality can both help and obstruct on the Path, as well as internal attachment.

For ourselves, we want as decent an environment as possible – the environment conducive to growth, promoting each on the Path.

The Svarte Aske is a community of like-minded people, which lies at the base of mutual respect and understanding between people of different pagan traditions. Religious strife is inexcusable stupidity.

Political strife is stupidity too.

Pressure and prohibitions of the totalitarianism of the past is in fact no better and no worse than the dictatorship of total mediocrity in which we live today. And political games are nothing more than games.

The community is not political and does not promote a particular ideology. But in the community we do not favor the fanatical supporters of the ideas of liberalism, humanism, tolerance and equal to them – the supporters of “white Aryan” extreme chauvinism in all its diversity.

The communities founding date is considered 2011 era vulgaris – in the conventional chronology.


The Right Hand Path

In each tradition there are two directions, two paths: The Path of the Right Hand and the Left Hand Path. In some traditions, such a division is decorated in sects and schools, in the other two paths intertwined, or the Left Hand Path is present at the periphery and is practically an unexplored way.

Similarly, forms, attributes and features of the Right Hand Path or the Left Hand Path may vary from tradition to tradition, from school to school.


The Right Hand Path is to follow the accepted way of the family (clan), community and / or public order. This is the way for most and a way to preserve and transmit the repetition of the existing order and values in the next generation.

This is honouring and glorifying the Light gods, gods who receive gifts given in prayer by practitioners, guardians, creators. Honoring the earthly kind, blood, ancestors.

This realization of wisdom, of their tradition, is done by practitioners of the Right Hand Path by following the proper and accepted way for three basic states:

– Labour and procreation for farmers and artisans,

– The acquisition of fame and acts of bravery for the Warrior,

– The authority of the board to the King

– The wisdom and teachings of others, for the Priest (Godhit, Volhv, Brahman).

Living a life according to the accepted way should be procreation, acquire fame and strengthen the authority of the people, know wisdom, and to be reborn in a new cycle in a worthy embodiment; to realize themselves outside.

The Right Hand Path is the dual perception of the world.

Modernity is the least unfavorable environment for those following the Right Hand Path, because the presence of a continuous tradition, dedication, cultural transmission and mythical codes is extremely difficult. Changed the thinking and lifestyles. Anti-sacred reality leaves many deficiencies (gaps) in the language of tradition, turning it into a canvas with holes into which fall many modern pagan beginnings.

And yet, that is no reason to give in to difficulties.


The Left Hand Path

The Left Hand Path is a radical, non-conformist way of Self-knowlege. It is done inside the adept.

This Path patronizes those gods who are considered conditionally dark, angry, destructive. These are the gods of Death and Wisdom. What is feared and guarded by ordinary people along the way becomes a source of strength, inspiration, radical tools to overcome their conditioning and attachments.

Left Hand Path is Knowledge of Yourself as Primordial Abyss, by separating (non-identification) themselves with any of its forms, masks, attachments.

This Path is the non-duality perception of the world.

The rituals and practices of the Left Hand Path to the uninitiated may seem horrible and insane, senseless and repulsive, therefore, at the community level, they are on the periphery and practiced without prying eyes.

You cannot instruct the person on the Left Hand Path, he should stand on it himself. Where he is Himself – it’s not his personality, social mask or Ego, at this level,  the only choice is made between the external forms, without dipping into the essence. He Himself  – this is what He never ceased to be (aware of it or not) – Great Abyss.

At the End of the Era – Ragnarok, Kali Yuga – it is most favorable to follow the Left Hand Path.


Svarte Aske originally appeared as a personal practice and experience of the Left Hand Path in Odinism, in which there is no tradition of designed glorification of the Dark Path of Self-Knowledge and of deities related to this one. Today, practitioners of the Left Hand Path in Odinism are still extremely small in number, and often they focus on black magic manipulation in order to satisfy their Ego. Therefore, the path of Svarte Aske is routed through the thorns, through hardship, through struggle, based on our own intellectual intuition, of experience and support-reliance on the Northern Tradition – Odinism.



Attainment of pagan wisdom, of metaphysics, and a comprehension of your tradition brings out an attitude to the modern, untraditional world, it helps to understand and overcome misconceptions of world mediocrities, giving you a stronger connection to the gods.

Invaluable assistance in the development of your pagan tradition in the Iron Age is having a philosophy of traditionalism, whose vibrant founders were Rene Guenon, Julius Evola, Titus Burckhardt, etc.

Traditionalism is not a religion, neither new or old. This worldview and philosophy is based on the following principles:

1)      The notion of a single Primordial Tradition as the Tree and the general root of all private ethnic traditions (with small letters) and religions. In other words, in their esoteric (inner, hidden) part of all traditions and religions of the world, according to folk culture, express a single principle. Learning the esoteric knowledge through a chain of initiations. The word “tradition” comes from the Latin “trader” – “transfer”, a direct transfer of initiation.

2)      The allegation that the reality of metaphysical Tradition, transcendental existence, is dominant in relation to the modern degenerative and profane world. Individual and social life, society and the state itself should be built in strict accordance with the sacred order.

3)      Assertion that today in the era of Modernity – Nouveau  – the chain of transmission is torn, Tradition slain secular positivist science, profaned crooks who humiliated it to entertainment secular society, is reduced to a “custom” and “habit”. Otherwise, we live today in the anti-traditional time that the founders of the philosophy of traditionalism rightly called the Iron Age or Kali Yuga. If European societies previously lived in accordance with their national traditions , that is, were in the chain of transmission of Eternal Wisdom of the Golden Age, so in the age of modernity the chain is torn. And in this era appears traditionalism .

From the above it follows that Tradition (with capital letters) is the First Headspring and Principle. And traditionalism is the focus on the Tradition in a world where the chain of transmission is torn; in the anti-traditional world.

Traditionalism declares war on Modernity as an anti-sacred, godless ,and chaotic world, focusing on the highest ideals and the organization of society, the state and around the World.

Today confusion is spread when Tradition is confused with tradition (small letters), where the latter is one or the other religion, the tradition of a folk. One branch on the Traditional Tree. Hence its roots otherwise is a fundamentally wrong understanding of the term “traditionalism”, which is a new euphemism for ethnocentrism and more widely  – nationalism, racism, where traditionalism is a commitment to the people’s religion, culture and language.

In this context, the widespread characteristics of “traditionalistic” and “traditional”, attributed to one or another phenomenon, the ideas or the author in the context of a particular tradition, are an oxymoron.

“Traditional” is referring to a particular tradition, “traditionalistic” is relating to the philosophy of traditionalism, applied to a particular religion.

From the above it follows that traditionalism is a necessity and more important and is useful for practioners of the Right Hand Path.

For practitioners of the Left Hand Path, at some stage, traditionalism may be of help to separate experience from their own and other people’s fantasies, from paths based on fairy tales and delusions of false gurus and leading nowhere. Also, the above division on the Paths of the Right and Left Hands is present in an ill-defined form, and in the philosophy of traditionalism, which opens up as yet poorly studied horizons, depth and practice.

Therefore traditionalism is an integral part of Svarte Aske, and in the community there exists practices of the Right Hand Path.


Pagan traditionalism, certain specific traditions (Slavic, North, etc) I regard as good in its diversity and how it is commonly viewed on the Right Hand Path. The historical, strongly auethentic forms of culture, rites, and practices , etc. are the way of the Right Hand Path. There are two ways:

– follow the most accurate reconstruction of ancient being

– follow  the center, the main root of tradition with some new forms, rites, etc. based on ancient heritage.

On the first way we cannot practice the Left Hand Path because, for example, the Normans don’t have cults of Dark Gods, they do not use extreme practices. But on the 2nd way we can do this. So, the 1st way is nessesary as a good base for 2nd.

Within the framework  of this or that tradition (and traditionalism as a philosophy) there is Another Way, so that, illuminating the Northern Tradition for historical, ethnographic and academic sources, I light one side, discovering it for others.

On the other hand, I propose a Different view of tradition – my personal view (I emphasize that everywhere). And illuminating another side of Unified Tradition.


Community guidelines


To each his own (Suum cuique).

Better to get stuck on your own Path than to move quickly on someone elses.

The Left Hand Path in principle is open to absolutely everyone, but few come to it, and fewer still go beyond the Path.

Hence, the main principle – To each his Own, right – Right, left – Left.

What is legitimate for Jove (Jupiter), is not legitimate for the bull (Quod licet Iovi, non licet bovi).

Those that could afford the god Jupiter, could not afford a bull, a symbol of Jupiter.

The principle, related to the previous, but revealing it in the aspects of time and hierarchy.

What is permitted to a higher, more knowledgeable man, is not permitted to the subordinate man. Not because of the oppressive restrictions of “pleasures” and “practices”, but because of the unwillingness of the adept to this practice, either because of the nature of his unfitness to practice this or follow that Path.

Perhaps people would be fit for it later, or in another embodiment and life.

Free Knowledge (Liber Scientia).

True words, today the Eternal Wisdom, you can yell at the square and still no one hears.

Knowledge, as well as Wisdom, you cannot have both, you cannot lock Wisdom in the chest and restrict others from gaining – opening – this Knowledge.

“Free Knowledge” is also the motto of the Svarte Aske community, members and friends who can always count on assistance in finding relevant sources and books, and help and instructions in practice.

We will refuse to help those who, because of their own laziness and worthlessness, want to use us and make us fools.

And remind the supporters of delusion that “free means free of charge”, that they are wrong and demonstrate their own ignorance. Gratitude should be given to those whose work, descriptions of practices and experiences help you in your journey, for that which was really useful and necessary.

Remember That You Will Die (Memento Mori)

Constant remembrance that everything in the world is transitory, everything ends and dies. And people – YOU – are also mortal, and came into the world with empty hands – and with empty hands you forsake him.

Remembrance of death, being exempt from attachment to animals, “all too human” passions, allows  you to live here and now, and this can then be done without fear or regard.

Memento Mori – this is one of the simplest, and at the same time the most difficult practices inner doing.


Recommended rules

For new and younger members, and community friends, we present the following recommended rules of behavior and relationships as with people outside the community as well as within it.

These rules are the result of many years, and sometimes, painful experience, and are set out in plain language specifically to prevent misunderstandings.



  1. Avtale – in Norwegian means «Agreement» – it is the manifestation of goodwill.
  2. Jedem das Seine – To each his own.
  3. Fairness and mutual respect.

III. Everyone is a Wave on the surface of the Ocean of the Pre-Eternal Abyss. Each wave has its Path, times of Ups and Downs – the Removal and Return.

  1. Avtale is addressed to practitioners of the Left Hand Path and so-called Path without Path.
  2. The symbol of Avtale is an inverted downward pointing triangle – the symbol of Water like the Ocean.



0.I. Manifesto of Avtale is essentially faceless, he has no website and no organization, not based on his associations and movements.

0.II. Movement and individual practices supporting the thesis of Avtale can inform them in any convenient form and adapt the name and symbols of the manifesto within their tradition.

0.III. Joining the Avtale is a voluntary gesture of personal will. Agreement with the manifesto imposes no other obligations, except for the performance of the principles set out in the manifesto.


I.I. Everyone follows His Own Path, belonging to a particular tradition or not belonging to any. Mutual respect and correctness in relations to those who just goes by the LHP in our tradition is the key to avoiding the pitfalls and inflating the false self could undermine self-esteem, bias, relative to other forms – but not the Essence! – of the Path.

I.II. Truly wise – those that have practiced for years, have good insight, and made progress on the Path, have no need for Avtale, or to have an agreement, the manifestation of goodwill, with brothers and other Followers on the Path of Self-knowledge. This agreement is only needed for the young or adept beginners. It is the student that needs the example, not the teacher.

I.III. So the main point of the Agreement is a statement of an ancient and simple truth: To each his Own.

II.I. Correct and respectful attitude toward practices and communities, joined to Avtale, is a platform for an adequate acquaintance with the traditions and specific Paths in other traditions, forms, schools, allowing to enrich their own knowledge and experience concerning other forms, and on His Own Path.

III.I. Mutual respect stems from the fact that on the surface of the Pre-Eternal Ocean there are many waves, but not one of them has never been and cannot be separate from the Ocean.

III.II. The Pre-Eternal Ocean in different traditions goes by such names as: Chaos, Abyss, Ginungagap, Tiamat, the Great Nav, ParaShiva, Nothingness, etc.

All of these names are an indication of what lies beyond all names and forms.

IV.I Avtale refers primarily to those who follow the Left Hand Path:

By Шуйный путь in Slavic Rodnovery;

By Dark Side of Ash in Scandinavian Odinism;

By Aghora, Tantra, Advaita in Hinduism;

By Path without a Path;


But also to followers of the Right Hand Path, and practitioners interested in the above mentioned ways.

IV.II. In other words, the Agreement is addressed to the practitioners of unusual rites, extreme practices and the state of consciousness, which can be life-threatening to the public health and the functioning of untrained and random people.

V.I. The Water symbol as a symbol of the Pre-Eternal Ocean – Chaos, Abyss of Darkness – is a symbol of the Avtale. Use of the symbol possibly including traditional practices, symbols (this should be a symbol of Water), and stylization. In addition, you can use the shortcut symbol AV – Avtale V – Agreement of Five Points, where V also refers to the symbol of Water.


Codex 13


  1. Take care of Yourself.
  2. Take care of Yours.
  3. Necessary self-destruction must be local.
  4. Do not ask – keep silent.
  5. What is said behind the back – should be said to the face.
  6. Politeness is a good tone.
  7. Respect is only for the worthy.
  8. Not yours – do not interfere.
  9. Honor the laws of the land where you are now.
  10. Take strength from the fact that they are consuming.
  11. No prejudices.
  12. That which is inside you (discipline, ideology, etc) must also be expressed on the outside.
  13. Solidarity with the idea denotes its symbolism.


Author: Lute Shi


The texts of the “Codex 13” publish at reducing. Adoption and demonstration of the proposed character remains at the sole discretion of member of the community. Understanding of their nature comes first.


Community activities

Community performs the following activities :

– Study of its tradition , understanding the depth and diversity of its wisdom.

– The study of the philosophy of pagan traditionalism.

– Carrying out the traditional calendar of holidays and events dedicated to them, as well as rituals. Since membership in the community is permitted  to people of different pagan traditions (in exceptional cases not pagan) holding of a holiday falls on a representative of this tradition, a worthy favorite, with the assistance of other members in its implementation.

– Practices of the Left Hand Path done without prying eyes, by a private agreement between practitioners, or in accordance with the essence of the practice alone.

– Establish contacts and relationships with friendly and close ideological communities and people in Russia and around the world.

– Organizing roundtables, lectures, meetings and conferences on topics of interest to the community.

– Participation in the academic, public and informal events, to highlight relevant topics, advice and defend their positions.

– Publishing and assistance to authors, publishing of books, brochures and information materials on community themes.

– Countering the proliferation of inadequate information of pseudo- pagan sects, defamatory pagan worldview, ethnographic and historical data, the traditionalist approach.


Assistance to community

Participation in Svarte Aske community activities can be done in the following areas:

– Translation of texts from any language into Russian and from Russian to any, and subsequently publish on the site.

– We are interested in people who are ready to light up the activities of the community in the regions of Russia and the world. Including the dissemination of electronic and printed publications and materials.

– Also, anyone can help the community by donation. The money will go to the community to maintain and develop the website, publication of books, translating articles and other activities.

– For community friends there are no national boundaries and territorial restrictions.



The Svarte Aske Community is located in Russia, in the city Novosibirsk.

Worldwide cooperation on all questions, please contact us at: svartepublish@gmail.com.

Or send me letter on our website:  www.askrsvarte.org


By Askr Svarte
2014 e.v.

[Translated by Askr Svarte and Nikarev Leshy]

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