This site is about the pagan traditionalism and philosophy of traditionalsm by Rene Guenon and Julius Evola, darkside of paganism, the theory and practise of the Left-Hand Path in different traditions, especially within Northern Odinism. In addition, on this Blog I publish my books and essays about my own Path and Experience, which I call «Svarte Aske», which means «Blaсk (or Darkness) Ash-tree». By the way my alias, ‘Askr Svarte’, means Askr The Darkness/Black, where Askr refers to the Man which was created by Odin-Haenir-Lodur, alongside the Woman Embla.

Detailed description of the community, you can download it here. (PDF)

I also write about the so-called ‘Path Of Abyss’, aka the ‘Path Witout Path’, using the Northern Tradition as the discriptive language.

All articles in the Blog are in Russian. The main principle is Liber Scientia — Free Knowlege. I dont respect freak copyright hysteria, but I and other authors will be thankful for the preservation of authorship.

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The part Svarte Aske is the Main page with small discribe about site.

The parts «Svarte Aske» and «Gap» contains chapters of samenamed books by Askr Svarte.

The part Surtrcult is chapter from book «Gap», about Black Fire Giant and Lord of Muspellheim Surtr.

The part Blog is contains all the posts and divides them by few tags you can see on picture.

In the section Other are posts from different authors and about different themes.

The part Gallery contains my arts and photo works about LHP and paganism.

The part Videos contains interesting videos.

The part Publishing contains information about the books we publish (SelfPublish).

The part Store contains little shop for LHP-adepts with some stuff.

The part Download contains books about different cultures, traditions, especially about traditionalism, paganism, LHP and POA.

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Tags: traditionalism, darkness, paganism, Rodnovery, Odinism, Hinduism, Left-Hand Path, Path Without Path, Abyss, existentialism, metaphysics, rites, sacrifice, non-duality, Chaos.

Names: Julius Evola, Rene Guenon, Veleslav, German Virt, Askr Svarte, Alain de Benouist.