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Askr Svarte (Nechkasov Evgeny A., cyrillic: Нечкасов Евгений А.) — is an Odinist and pagan traditionalist, writer and essayist, author of the sevaral books develope Pagan Traditionalists philosophy and the Left Hand Path in German-Northern Tradition, also a founder of pagan community «Svarte Aske — the Dark Ash-tree» and «Svarte Publishing», editor-in-chief of traditionalistic almanac «Warha».

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Зарисовки мизантропии
Книга Безразличия


Left Hand Path
Svarte Aske
Артбук «Узоры Бездны»
Речи Фрейи
Чарующая Бездна


«Polemos: Языческий Традиционализм» в двух томах.
Изд. «Велигор», 2016. Том I и том II.


Заметки с Изнанки


The book «Gap», 2015. (Lulu or Amazon)
The book «Gap», 2nd release by Fall of Man, 2017.

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All books, lectures and writing are permitted to distribute and replicate in any way, while maintaining the integrity of the material and the attribution and a link to the site.

Askr Svarte in Freiburg, Germany, 2015.

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