The English version of book «Gap»

Since April I start working on editing the English version of the my book «Gap» — the introduction of the concept of the Left Hand Path in Odinism.
Try to finish as soon as possible.
On this occasion, I interested in people who are ready to publish a book in their countries, for their friends and associates. In any way, official or not, digital and printed.
The electronic version will be posted on the free access to our website too.
For all questions you can write me an email

Askr Svarte.

Pagan Novosibirsk The Movie

The first documentary film about pagan movement in the Novosibirsk.
Novosibirsk is Russian third city, the capital of Siberia and the largest megapolis beyond the Urals.
The purpose of the film is to show the current state of the pagan movement in the city Novosibirsk and wider in the Siberian part of Russia, in the face of representatives and community leaders and communities that directly shape the pagan environment of Novosibirsk.
The authors cover topics of self-identification of the pagans , the problems associated with the public attitude toward pagan communities. Highlights the successes and achievements of the pagan movement in Novosibirsk, the film also used chronicles the life of the different communities.
The film helps to look at the people professing paganism, on the other hand, from the inside. Acquainted with their opinion to dispel entrenched myths and negative stereotypes.

Title: The Pagan Novosibirsk
Genre: Documentary
Production: Community “Svarte Aske” and Studio “Fotografilnya O.”
Duration: 57:30 minutes
Country: Russia
Language: Russian, half-localised to English-speakers, English subtitles, non-professional.
Year: 2014
Community “Svarte Aske”:
Studio “Fotografilnya O”:

Original movie:

Three Steps of Self-knowledge

«Man knows what pain is. He has the experience of pain. From early childhood traumas to experiencing severe injuries, and most importantly, — experience of psychological pain, existential experience of trauma and awareness of abuse. When a person causes someone pain, he knows what is going through Another, these bodily and mental feelings are known to him. Committing violence against Another, he is himself experiencing violence, objectifying it in Another, and at the same time sharing it between Themselves and Another. One may recall that the Hunter and Victim are linked in the act murder. Therefore, the present suicide — the murder of the Other.
In this light, we can consider the Three Steps of Self-knowledge as the gradual killing of Another in Ourselves. Where the main suicide — it is the murder of the «Other» as an idea.»
-Askr Svarte 

Midsommar aka Kupala 2013ev

Celebrating of the Summer Solstice aka Kupala in the Slavic Pagan Tradititon, aka Midsummar in the Northern Tradition.

Russia, west Siberia, Krasny Yar, riverside of Ob, city Novosibirsk
2013 era vulgaris

Funeral ceremony for Dobroslav

On May 22 a funeral and farewell service and cremation took place for Dobroslav in accordance with his wishes. This was held in the afternoon in the village of Vesenevo on the ancient rite according to his will. The burial of his ashes was held on May 23 at the cemetery at 11:00 in Shabalino. Dobroslav’s ashes were divided into three parts. One was left in Vesenevo, one buried beside his wife in Shabalino and one buried in Moscow at the graves of their ancestors. 

«Cattle die, kinsmen die, and so must one die oneself. But one thing I know which never dies — the fame of a dead man’s deeds.» — Havamal, Edda


Dominique Venner suicide letter

A great Pagan Frenchman and European, Dominique Venner, comitted suicide in Notre Dame in Paris today, to wake up his sleeping countrymen to the dangers Europe is facing in relation to so-called “multi-culturalism” and nihilism. 

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