The traditionalist foundations of the Left Hand Path in Odinism

The term «The Left Hand Path» is used today so often, and sometimes without any excuse and regarding to disputable exoteric doctrines, that its meaning and core are clouded from view and understanding. It is even more difficult to talk about the Left Hand Path in Odinism, because this manifestation of the German-Scandinavian Tradition is extremely young and therefore it is under all kinds of influences and infiltrations of the many extravagant ideas. A detailed analysis of the phenomenon of the Left Hand Path was conducted in the second volume of our fundamental work «Polemos»[1], below we will try briefly to summarize the main points in the light of the pagan traditionalism.

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Askr Svarte: un article sur le livre «Polemos»

Polemos – (du grec bataille, guerre) Dieu et parèdre du Dieu de la Guerre Arès, incarnant la guerre elle-même et les combats. D’après Heraclit, « la guerre (polemos) est le père de tous : elle transforme les uns en dieux, les autres en humains, certains en esclaves, certains libres ». Nous connaissons également « l’art de la guerre » — la polémique, le débat controversé philosophique sur la Vérité.

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«Gap»: the second English edition by Fall of Man

We are ready to unveil our next release: “Gap: A Left-Hand Path approach to Odinism”. This new title is is a diary compilation of several years of research, practice and immersion in a particular direction within Oðinnism (Norse Tradition), which the author calls the Path through the Dark Side of the Ash (Yggdrasil).
“Gap: A Left-Hand Path approach to Odinism” consists of three Mal (sayings, speeches from the Eddas):
• Sayings of the Gangraðr, on behalf of Oðinn Gangraðr – Advisor in the Path. In these speeches it is revealed the promise and the doctrine of the Abyss in Oðinnism, and we deal with questions of thinking and transgression.
• Sayings of the Vegtamr, on behalf of Oðinn Vegtamr – Accustomed to the Path. In these speeches instructions are given about the ritual practice in line with the spirit and the promise of teaching.
• Sayings of the Kvasir, in honor of the wisest of men. In these speeches one will find the texts that are not included in the main body, but that are one way or another connected with the Path, such as dreams and thoughts.
“Gap: A Left-Hand Path approach to Odinism” will be released exclusively as deluxe, hardcover leather-bound edition limited to 72 copies. This hand-crafted volume comes bound in black aged leather, with the Black Sun of Chaos carved on Ash wood and embedded on the cover. All the spines are hand-sewed and the leather has been prepared in an artisanal way. The paper comes in a wonderful cream tone that offers a nice contrast to the black binding. The text comes accompanied by many illustrations and diagrams.
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Icelandic Etymological Dictionary by Ásgeir Blöndal Magnússon


We are pleased to publish a digital version of the Icelandic Etymological Dictionary by Ásgeir Blöndal Magnússon.

Original source: reprint from original edition 1989, reprint 2008, Iceland.

Over 25.000 words, 1200 pages.

Resolution 2866×2023 — 3897x2834px, 300dpi.
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Collin Cleary: The Gifts of Ódhinn & His Brothers

1. Overview of the Germanic Anthropogeny

What is human nature? This is arguably the most important philosophical question, because philosophy itself is uniquely human, and philosophical “problems” only present themselves to human beings. All the great philosophers have either explicit or implicit answers to this question.

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Almanac of Pagan Traditionalism and the Left Hand Path
We are pleased to present the first pilot issue of almanac Warha in English!
Already a couple of years we publish our almanac in Russia, publishing in it the exclusive translations and interviews on topics of religion, mythology, traditionalism, paganism and the Left Hand Path. From our almanac many authors first appeared in Russian and became familiar with the Russian-speaking audience. And now we have decided to build the bridge in the direction from the Russian authors to the Western public.
Table of content:
— Preface
— Askr Svarte: The Problems of Pagan Traditionalism
— Natella Speranskaya: The inner conflict of ancient Hellene
— Nikarev Leshy: Notes on the Way: The Paths of the Right and Left within Odinism
— Agnishvari S. Djayavath: Gods of the Mandala
— V.L.S.L.V.: The Left Hand Path
— An interview with Wulf Grimsson
— An interview with Richard Rudgley
— An interview with Askr Svarte
— An interview with Alen de Benoist
— Julius Evola: The «Elements of Style» of the Original Roman Spirit
Almanc available to order in digital (PDF, FB2) and papercover versions.
Price for digital: 10$/10€
Price for paper: 20$/20€ (price including shipping!)
How to order:
— Write a mail to
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Notes on the Way: The Paths of the Right and Left within Odinism

Liber I.I

There is no path to truth. Truth must be discovered…”[1]

What is a Path? In relation to Native Faith, these are ways in which we approach the Gods, internally and externally; as archetypes, beings, or aspects of nature, etc. It is how we come to know, and understand them, and thus in turn understand ourselves and the Divine which resides in and around us. The way in which we embark on our journey of spiritual acceptance, transference, and transcendence is dependent on which Path we choose to take, or more accurately, which Path chooses us. But no Path has a concrete formula, and neither do they have steel guiderails. That is not to say that accepted forms of observance and ritual expression are not intrinsic to each individual Path in the Way, as each has its own standard base system of praxis in regard to form, expression and intent both within the community or individual state, but that they are two completely and categorically different ways of spiritual devotion, exploration and intent.

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An interview with Richard Rudgley

A.S.: Greetings, Richard! It’s your first talk for the Russian-speaking public so firstly I ask you to introduce and tell us about your background.

R.R.: I was born in the south of England and after many years living in London I relocated a few years ago to the western part of Canada. I studied ethnology, history of religions and archaeology at the University of London (School of Oriental & African Studies) and then started my doctorate at the University of Oxford which 25 years later remains unfinished! Whilst doing my thesis I started writing books and to date have published 7 books. I also wrote and presented a number of television documentaries for British TV on the prehistoric and early historical peoples of Europe. More recently I have started writing again mainly on new spiritual and political movements amongst European peoples.

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New Books for Download

Our gift to all practitioners and interested in the tradition of Odin and the Path of the Left Hand.

The first issue of the almanac of the Left Hand Path «Warha»

Altar book «Odin and the Mother of the Fallen»

Large artbook of iconography and aesthetics of the Left Hand Path in Odinism

All books may be distributed in any way, while maintaining the integrity of the text and references to authors.
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Some Preliminary Comments on the Difference between the Left Hand Path in the West and Pre Christian and Heathen Models

A number of people have suggested I discuss the difference, as I understand it, of the current Western model of the LHP and earlier models found in Tantra, Indigenous pagan and heathen traditions and so forth. The current model of the LHP found in the west has been overwhelmingly influenced by the philosophical approach of the Temple of Set. Even non members tend to follow their understanding as though it is the only one. The key characteristics of the Temple of Set were outlined by Dr.Aquino and include the duality of the objective and subjective universe, the subjective universe as the realm of magic and Set as the Lord of the Subjective universe. No one has any objection to such a model within the free market of ideas, however when it is promoted as the sole model of the LHP it becomes problem-some.
The division between the objective and subjective universes is an intriguing one. While supposedly LHP it has more in common with early Christian dualism and later the Cartesian dualism of the body and the mind. The philosophical legacy of the ToS while having connections to the Greeks is nearly totally modern and western. It suggests that the complete objective universe includes all matter as well as RHP spiritual goals such as heaven and hell or union with the divine or ancestors. The subjective universe exists within our minds and due to the Gift of Set and under the influence of Set can be transformed into immortal substance.
There are immediate philosophical problems with this model, it creates a dichotomy between the body and mind and the material world. While most western LHP practitioners have a positive attitude towards sex and are environmentally conscious it does not change the duality inherent within this model. While many systems use dualism temporarily to achieve a goal such as The Fourth Way this position is a permanent characteristic of this path. This dichotomy brings with it an over emphasis on subjectivism and a devaluing of Tradition which promotes syncretism. If we work within the subjective universe and each of our subjective universes is different then a vast plethora of ego driven so called masters are produced, something quite obvious in the Western Mystery Tradition in general with its sacred books, texts, documents, livers and more and in the case of the ToS vast numbers of formulae and Words of the Masters of the Temple. There is no quality control in terms of Tradition since the approach is subjective and syncretic and the only real limits are placed by the guardians of an administrative structure, who accept or reject your revelation. Of course if rejected you will run away and form your own club.
Since Set (who is also identified as Odin) is the Lord of the subjective universe there is a great deal of reductionism, all dark Gods are reduced to one and a form of Neo Satanic monotheism is promulgated. To sustain such a position a link with the early Church of Satan is maintained claiming that Anton LaVey also held such a belief, an extremely unlikely state of affairs.
Let’s compare this to non modern LHP philosophy. As Julius Evola notes within the Vedas and Tantra there was the path of the Moon or Earth and that of the Sun or Sky, they were complimentary not in conflict. The lunar path was for the general populace, they followed the customs, made the sacrifices, undertook the rites and their collective essence returned as their descendants. In China it was beautifully expressed in the Yin Yang symbol. The solar path was for the Vira or hero who grasped immortality through the unique LHP practices within their Tradition, syncretism was to be avoided at all costs. Such a model was found reflected in the Tripartite system where the third function and general military (part of second function) achieved immortality through their ancestors. While those of the Mannerbund (other part of second function) and Rune Masters (Yogis, Shamans etc) as Priest Warriors may protect the population and assist as required but worked towards individual immortality (first function). The Chieftain was also in this first function.
There is no conflict between body and mind nor matter and spirit, the universe is saturated with life it is simply applied in different ways. Polytheism is a natural expression of such a model and the restrictive administrative model of western magical orders or temples is avoided. Within this approach time rolls on endlessly through innumerable cycles, the most common being that of the four ages. At the end of the Kali Yuga the Gods and Heroes (Priest Warriors) withdraw into inaction and then are reborn with new masks or personas. This model is a far more healthy approach to the LHP, it avoids dualism, subjectivism and reductionism, is based squarely on Tradition and accepts the roles of both the RHP and LHP within a dynamic rather than divided cosmos.

Wulf Grimsson

The Problems of Pagan Traditionalism

The extensive article by Askr Svarte about various problems of Pagan Traditionalism and polemic with M. Haggvist now available in English.

You can download the PDF here

The book «Gap» released in English!

Friends, we are pleased to inform you that the book «GAP» published in English!
Almost two years took the translation, making edits and adding new material.
So, now the paper edition can be ordered HERE.
Only in the paper edition included two interviews: Neil Hiatt with Askr Svarte & Askr Svarte with Wulf Grimsson.
The published by Loki’s Mannerbund (Wulf Grimsson), Australia.

Below we publish the preface to the English edition:

Preface to the English Edition


Book before you contains an extended description of the Left Hand Path in Odinism, we called the Path through Dark Side of the Ash [Yggdrasil] (Svarte Aske). The first approximation to this we opened during traumatic existential experience (Nigredo), and was described in the book of the same name «Svarte Aske». This book continues the journey begun earlier and a description of the spiritual component, and ritual practices.

Also this book as an early work contains certain statements and positions, which today we cannot accept in force of the new, deeper vision. But at some point they were relevant. Therefore, in the English edition, we have implemented a number of important revisions and comments. Were removed some parts of the chapters devoted to the rituals, and added more new and tested by the experience. In other words, the practical part is fixed on the basis of the actual ritual experience. Removed unnecessary, uncalled, added new and expirienced.

Corrected some textual aspects associated with the Scandinavian and Russian languages. We set ourselves the task to convey the meaning of our vision, so some of the language and style of the English text differ from Russian, in favor of meaning rather than form. We also added a special comments and explanations of some words. But the maximum disclosure of all the subtlest nuances of language, style of prose and poetry, can only be achieved by studying the native languages of Odinism and Russian language in which we present teachings.

Referring to the very doctrine, we are largely left it unchanged, but believe it is important to guiding tips that will not allow us to understand the changes and to make false inferences from the text.

For us, the Left Hand Path — it’s not black magic, it is not Satanism and original way to obtain wealth. This is not the syncretism and liberalism in the spiritual realm. Left Hand Path in Odinism — it’s fast, radical non-conformist way of disclosure of the divine world. The path of the Dark Side is clear — this is the way, do not deny the common understanding of the bright tradition of Odin, customs of the North. We do not oppose themselves to the traditional interpretation Odinism. We, in some way, it opens in a new depth, a different dimension. As One — God of travelers, and we follow his example, and go to a new path, which no one went. But hints of this Let there around heritage of the North. Therefore, Left Hand Path — this is primarily a mystical, philosophical path of transformation of human self-knowledge and the disclosure of the Spirit through the most radical, terrible, horrible with ordinary point of view, the images and practices. Because Odin the Allfather, he is everywhere and in everything.

Therefore, we emphasize that we take for samples of our glorious Gods and Sacred Origin. The townsfolk believe that the Gods are bright, kind, and all over the dreadful and terrible there is no Gods, there’s demons, jotuns and evil. This interpretation is only partially true. Therefore, in our texts can meet certain convergence of images of Gods with the titans figures, demons and monsters. And this is a very delicate moment in which it is important to always remain faithful to the Gods and not to succumb to the mixing of images, not to become a praise of the titans, giants, jotuns as Gods. Such a substitution is fraught with falling away from the spiritual path in the material dimension. Failure on the Left Hand Path is expressed in spiritual betrayal in favor of the material. Horrific images and radical practices cease to be tools and become objective forms outrageous and achieve their own selfish purposes. What does the primitive black magic, necromancy, Satanism, etc. ideologies to which we have no relationship. Therefore, we urge to be extremely careful during the dive into the Abyss (Ginnungagap). Gods and titans may seem one, and this is a dangerous illusion, a difficult test on the Left Hand Path. It should go, and we just pointed to the existence of such convergence in our texts.

In fact, the English-speaking readers are in a better position, because they get well corrected version of this book contains a lot of new and proven experimentally.

So let everyone who ventures to look into the Abyss, appreciate our vision and be successful in their spiritual journey!

For the Glory of Gods!

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